Lockdown must watch movies and series #1

23rd may 2020
1:00 pm

This blog recommends you list of movies and series that should never miss and is created especially for movie-lovers who watch in series and movies in multi-languages with subtitles.


1. PATAAL LOK- (thriller)(18+) A hindi web series released on Prime Video and one of the best series ever made in India. This series is a thriller based on present situation in the country. This series has mostly adult content. So better not to watch it with your family. So this is a must watch series and keep it in your watchlist.


2. ARUVI-(drama,emotion) A tamil movie released in 2017 based on a girl born and brought up amidst the ever growing eco- social-consumeristic environment finds it difficult to fit in the society. Watch it if you love drama and emotional content with subtitles on Prime Video.


3. VIRUS- (thriller,fiction) This is a malayalam movie on Prime Video. This is a fiction movie based on true events, revolving around Nipah Virus epedemic scare in Calicut. This movie show how the small city won against the virus. A must watch film.


4. DIA- (romance,drama) This is a kannada based film. This is a story of an introvert girl, whose routine life brightens up when she falls for Rohith,her collegemate. Keep this movie in your play list . This movie is available on Prime Video.


5. NJAN PRAKASHAN- (comedy,satirical) This is a malayalam movie. Prakashan dreams of living a lavish and easy life abroad and spins an elaborate scheme to make his dream come true. However, fate has different plans for him.A must watch movie if you plan to laugh this evening. This movie is available on Netflix.

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