Movies and series to watch during lockdown #3

25th May 2020
10:20 am

This blog recommends you list of movies and series that should never miss and is created especially for movie-lovers who watch in series and movies in multi-languages with subtitles.

1. Panchayat-(drama,comedy)- This is a Hindi web series streaming on Prime Video. An engineering graduate, for lack of a better job, becomes the secretary of a Panchayat office in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh. He also prepares for CAT exam. Watch the drama and comedy based webseries for fun. This series has only one season with 8 episodes.

Panchayat on Prime Video

2. Ayyappanum Koshiyum-(thriller,drama) This is a malayalam film that should never miss if u are interested in suspense. Watch it on Prime Video today. Ayyappan is a police officer who clashes with Havildar Koshi, a man with a motive. Neither side is willing to budge in what becomes a battle of the egos.

Ayyappanum Koshiyum on Prime Video

3. Driving License -(comedy,drama)- This is a malayalam film based on Superstar Hareendran, famous for his driving skills, loses his licence. However, the issue spins out of control after he locks horns with a motor inspector, who happens to be a fan of the actor. Add this to your watchlist today. This movie is streaming now on Prime Video.

Driving License on Prime Video

4. Asuran-(action,drama)- This is one of the best movies of tamil cinema till now. Sivasaami, a farmer, goes on the run with his family while attempting to save his son, Chidambaram, from the consequences of murdering a wealthy man. Watch this on Prime Video if you want to know the real face of villages in India. A must have film to be in your watchlist in this lockdown.

Asuran on Prime Video

Some of the films mentioned in this article are suggested by Pandu

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