Suicides in India

27 May 2020

12:10 am

Why does children suicides is most common scenario in India?

Why do some one try to end their life early?

Why do they feel weak and insecure.

Actually this is the most energetic phase of the life. Every thing seems to be beautiful and exciting at this age.

But what making them hopeless and provoking to quit?

Its very disturbing answer but it is the truth, family and its love is one of the main reason.

Typical Indian parents wants to parent the kids till the end.They love their kids very much that they want sort out everything for there kids. They start earning not only for their own kids, but also for their kids and grand kids.

In this chase of creating wealth for generations they start sacrificing and even doesn’t mind in doing corruption.

They think they are doing this for their family and they get the right to decide everything in the family and starts taking every decision in their child’s life. No this is not the kind of love your kid wants and its even not good for the society. No child wants his parents to sacrifice their happiness for him.

No its not your duty to earn for your child’s future and that doesn’t give you right to decide everything for them.

Parents should guide their children till they get 18 years. They should help them learn how to think and how to take decisions.

How to raise your children during age 0-12 years– This is the age where a kid learns to walk,eat,sleep and so on. Also he starts to learn things from what he observe and also learns to speak. At this age, parents should try to teach basic things and good habits as this age is crucial for them. Also parents should teach them what is good and what is bad. At this age,parents should be very careful as most of the things they learn at this age will be continued till their last day of life.

But today, parents of high class and upper middle class are teaching or showing only one side of life which is so comfortable one but not showing them the other side of life which is a troublesome and problematic. This make their kids so sensitive for the rest of their life and usually will face more pressure when he get a failure in something. And some people may even cannot digest their problems or failure and further this will lead to suicide at an early age as usually tough problems of life start in their teenage.

Also in recent times, parents are giving mobile phones to their kids at an very early age which will lead to severe problems regarding health and mental issues in the future. They will be addicted to mobile phones so that their school and college life may get effected in the future. So keep your children away from gadgets and make them to play outdoor games which are even good for health.

How to raise your children during age 12-18 years – Today children are very fast in learning things and are getting maturity levels at 12-16 years. So parents should only give them guidence during this age as they will know to differentiate things between good and bad. So let your kids be happy to take decisions on their own under your guidance in this age. This will give you details about his skill and maturity levels in taking decisions.

Above 18+ – If your kid is above 18 years do not continue spoon feeding. You should only interfere in their decisions if they are illegal. Let them earn pocket money on their own so that they will know how hard is to earn money and they will know value of money, time and dignity of labour. Also in any point of time don’t put pressure on your child if he has failed in something. Every kid may not find his interest easily let them explore and experience each field as they cannot say whether they will be successful in one field without experiencing it. Some people became successful even at the age of 60 years. I know its hard for the parents to face others when his child is unsuccessful but life of your child is more important than your prestige. Also society should not blame or degrade their parents for his children who are unsuccessful in life.

Present situation in India – Generally in India parents take the decisions of their children from education to career and even they decide their life partner for various reasons. These reasons include religion, caste, prestige, over caring, gender and many more. This creates a lot of stress in one’s life because the main reason for the problems they are facing is not their choice. They have to face the consequences of the work which they choose for.

I know its hard for the parent to digest but its not their role to take decisions of the child.

To reduce this stress in children families should become more democratic. Discussion should be done more often. For this to happen patriarchy must end in the family.

The concept of earner taking decisions should come to end. For this to happen women should be empowered. If the mother also earns in the family may be there will be a balance of power in the family which creates an healthy environment for discussions before taking a decision.

This is not about the parents who are partially responsible, this is not about the children’s mentality or this is not about the present society, but this is about lives of thousands of children.

Everyone in this society should keep in mind “WHAT EVER HAPPENS, LIFE HAS TO GO ON.”

The content on this article is based on two people’s views and perspectives namely BALU and AKHIL .

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