Impending threat to villages in India in coming days

29th May 2020
8:30 am

Now in India there are approximately 1.7 lakh covid cases which have doubled in less than 10 days. Government of India has lifted the lockdown without proper planning which is the main reason for huge raise in corona cases. We have already seen the improper planning even during the implementation of lockdown 1.0. This made effect to the lives of crores of poor people. Now, there is a huge threat to rural India in coming days.

Many experts have been alarming the Centre to take proper steps for covid-19 entering villages of India. But central government is not taking proper measures. This may cause a looming threat to Rural India. As of now 70% of covid cases are reported in Tier-1 cities, 25% cases in Tier-2 cities and tier-1 towns and less than 5% cases in rural areas. The cases are increasing gradually even in rural areas after lifting lockdown.

If corona enters the rural areas in huge percentage, it would become uncontrollable which may even cross US covid cases in very few days. Also thousands and thousands of people may die due to the virus if it expand to villages of India. It is so surprising to know that government of India even don’t have proper information of villages as of now. Of course, state governments will have the data. This shows us how good our governments are working.

So Central and State governments should awake even now and should take necessary action to save rural India from Covid-19.

Apart this pandemic, rural India should also be ready to face locusts, an insect of grass-hopper family but can fly high and exists usually in swarms. Swarms of locusts have already reached India from African countries and are destroying thousands of hectares of crops which may also be a huge threat to villages, as crops are usually grown in villages.

Locusts are a collection of certain species of short-horned grasshoppers in the family Acrididae that have a swarming phase. These insects are usually solitary, but under certain circumstances they become more abundant and change their behaviour and habits, becoming gregarious. Usually a swarm of locusts can eat food of 30000 people in a day. But they can be controlled by using some pesticides.

A photo showing Locusts invading Maharashtra

Even threat of locusts have also been alarming to Central government and state governments by some experts. But no necessary precautions are taken by centre to stop locusts entering India. Now its time for state governments to take proper action from entering their states.

If these locusts are not prevented, these may also cause huge food scarcity in India in near future. Already people of India are being effected by this pandemic and along with this, these locusts may also cause huge food crisis which may lead to deaths of poor people due to starvation in the near future.

So there is impending threat to Rural India in coming days due to corona virus and swarms of locusts and lets hope Rural areas will be saved of these dangers without much damage.

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