Sex education an Imperative for adolescents in India


10:40 pm

Why in India sex is still a dirty word? Why do parents in India don’t teach about sex to their children?
Why most of the Indians do not discuss or openly speak about sex?
Why in India women having periods are untouchable and are not allowed to pray nor be allowed into temples?
This all started in a backward society where lower caste people became untouchables, sati sagaman-women should be burnt alive if her husband dies, men are so much superior to women and so on. In this type of society, there will be many superstitious beliefs regarding almost everything and so sex education is.

Public discussion of topics of sex are widely considered as a sin in the Indian society. Not only this masturbation during adolescence (10-18 years) is also considered as a sin in India. Sex education in schools of India have brought strong objections and apprehension from all areas of the society, including parents, teachers, and politicians. So many believe that sex education corrupts the youth and offends Indian values,leading to masturbation, experimentation, and different sexual behavior. Some argue that sex education has no place in a country such as India with its rich cultural traditions and values. Parents should change their mindset towards a modern society as sex is a part of our life.

Also some people in India argue that adolescents should learn about sex by themselves. This make adolescents narrow-minded. Adolescents may also tend towards objectifying women due to lack of proper sex education.Even lack of proper sex education may lead to unsafe abortions, sexually transmitted infection (STI), HIV/AIDS, and sexual violence, the rates of which are already increasing. Also usually maturity comes with peoper sexuality education.

Teaching sex education for adolescents is very important because this is very important age to know very important things of life in detail and this is the age where many behaviorial and psychological changes take place. Even according to WHO,sexual health is considered to be a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality and not merely the absence of disease.

In addition the skills adolescents develop from sex education are general life-skills, such as communication, listening, decision-making, negotiation and learning to ask for, and identify sources of help and advice such as parents, care givers, and professionals through the family, community, and health and welfare services. These useful life-skills are not only to applicable to sexual relationships but also in many aspects of life.

So sex education is an imperative for every adolescents and every parent should take a step forward to teach sex education to their children. And every school and every teacher in India should come forward to teach sex education to make the children life more better and beautiful.

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