Is Ignorance and Idiocy of people been increasing in India?

21 June 2020

02:33 pm

From especially 10 years after mobiles has become a part of our life, Idiocy and stupidity of even educated people is expanding day by day especially in India. People started to believe Whatsapp forward messages more than a Scientist. People became so stupid that truth has been ignored and fake news became voice of majority people.

This increase of unconsciousness and unenlightenment even in eduacated people happened due to education limited to just curriculum. Since past days, Ignorance and superstitious beliefs has been in roots of Indian culture. In past days, some educated persons have managed to eradicate some major superstitious beliefs. But today, most of us are educated but still many superstitious beliefs are being followed and these beliefs are being increased day by day. Uneducated people are ignorant as most of them don’t have basic education. Even Government in our country is so foolish and idiocy. Recently Narendra Modi had asked the people of India to light a candle as a symbol of hope. But some of the media channels and whatsapp messages has spread fake news saying lighting a candle will kill corona virus. But still government has failed in spreading awareness of the lies and superstitious beliefs.

Recently, an elephant has died by eating a bomb similar to pineapple. Fake news started to spread across the nation within few hours claiming elephant has been killed by some people by giving pineapple bomb directly to its mouth. Even media has spreaded this news without confirmation. People showed a lot of pity towards the elephant and anger towards the society. But after confirmation, it is known that the bomb was actually kept for some wild boars but by mistake, elephant has eaten it. This tells you how stupidity in India been in the roots of society. Not only this issue, thousands of things happen due to fake news and superstitious beliefs.

Also, today is solar eclipse. Whole world has waited to watch this beautiful scene in the sky. But in India, people will be so afraid if some eclipse come. Most of them will not watch the eclipse, do not cook or eat during eclipse. They also clean their house and take bath after eclipse has gone. Also they don’t come outside of their houses during eclipse. Many pregnant women have died as they have delayed their delivery due to eclipse as their is a belief that pregnant women should not come outside during eclipse which will effect their baby. This shows how superstitious beliefs and stupidity has been in the deep roots of the society.

If someone try to educate them about superstitious beliefs and fake news, they just ignore and some even try to attack the person who educate them. This shows how people in India are foolish.

Indians have belief in Babas who fool people for money and some Gurus who speak fluent english with some foolish ideas. Even these babas, gurus has been one of the major reasons for the increase in stupidity and idiocy in India. Not only these astrology is also one of the major superstitious beliefs in India. Even the most educated and most richest class in India believe in Astrology, Babas and Gurus. Recently kissing baba have died due to corona virus as he claimed that he can cure Covid-19 if he kisses the person’s hand. Later himself and many people he has kissed has been infected with Covid-19.

These people don’t even try to listen if some one try to prove that babas are fake people who just do little magics. They even ignore scientists who try to prove. They even don’t respect and scold the person who try to educate them. This shows that their ignorance reached to the peak.

Image showing comments of a post showing babas tricks

Image showing comments of a post showing fake babas tricks

These all things justify the pandemic of stupidity and ignorance in India in near future

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