Do India perquisited for Modi’s diplomacy?

20 June 2020

12:03 pm

We have been watching Modi’s visiting to foreign countries since 6 years. Are these visits for his personal diplomacy or for the benefit of this country?

With 59 trips since coming to power in May 2014, Modi has flown abroad more than twice as much as his predecessor Manmohan Singh in six years.An expenditure of over Rs 446 crore was incurred on chartered flights, maintenance of aircraft and hotline facilities during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visits to foreign countries since June 2014 till March 2020 according to government. He has covered almost all important countries.

Though Modi has visited China, China Army has recently killed 20 Indian soldiers. Also 10 Indian Soldiers has been captured and released after few hours according to Army internal sources. After this, Modi has given a statement which means ‘Lives of Soldiers will not go in vain. If China provoke again, India will retaliate’. Is killing 20 soldiers not instigating?

Modi has questioned and tried to provoke the government for a minor clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in 2013. But today he was the same guy who is hiding the truth about capturing Indian soldiers by Nepal. Today he was the same guy who was silent for 43 days when China occupied about 20 square kilometers.

Tweets posted by Modi in 2013

He is the same guy who had frequent talks with Xi JinPing, President of China but still 20 soldier lives has been taken by China Army. When Jinping came to India, both of them together had visited many places in India. Though some of these visits have brought FDI’s to India, these investments will actually help Chinese companies to expand their market in India. And now with increasing anti-China protests, some of these FDI’s may be cancelled. This shows Modi’s diplomacy did not benefit India but has helped Modi to increase his image throughout the world.

Not only this, in 2015, Modi went to Pakistan as a surprise visit. He met Nawaz Sharif on his birthday. He even touched the feet of Nawaz Sharif’s mother as a part of our tradition. Whole world and Indian media has appreciated him for his values towards adults. And after a year, Pakistan had done Uri attack and Pulwama attack and tens of soldiers have lost their lives. This again tells us Modi’s personal diplomacy.

Also another example for this is USA. Modi has visited USA and even helped Trump for his upcoming elections in a public meeting named ‘HOWDY,MODI’. Trump appreciated Modi and claimed Modi as his close friend. Also Modi has invited Trump to India recently after Covid-19 entering India. Modi has arranged a large public gathering for Trump’s meeting and this meeting is one of the major reasons for the increase of Covid-19 deaths and cases in Ahmedabad,Gujarat. Though Modi is close friend of Trump, Trump warns of ‘retaliation’ if India doesn’t export Hydroxychloroquine to U.S. Also Trump has warned India for import of crude oil from Iran. This also clearly indicates Modi’s interest towards event management and his own benefits.

After Nepal’s national assembly passed the controversial bill on its updated political-administrative map which includes parts of Indian territory, it has now decided to establish an army barrack near Kalapani. Modi has visited even Nepal in 2014 and Modi has also invited SAARC countries for his oath ceremony. Also Nepal is a hindu majority country. Instead Nepal also has revolted against India. This again shows his interest in building his brand name instead of India’s benefits.

Foreign powers know what Modi wants feeding his personality cult. Modi has presented this as a strength to his voters, but it is in fact a weakness. Like a vain person you could please with a few compliments, Modi is easy for foreign powers. China has just shown that. The inter-mingling of foreign policy and domestic politics has made the Modi government weak and dumb to the complex geo-politics.

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