India’s backlash to Covid-19

16 June 2020

01:11 pm

India has been standing out of the box since Covid-19 first entered the country. Instead of imposing lockdown after the first Covid case, India has imposed lockdown after hundreds of cases.

Actually lockdown was announced in all countries to isolate and trace COVID-19 patients. Also hospitals should be increased and ventilators should also be increased for saving people from Covid-19. Health Care System should also be improved as much as possible during this lockdown. But nothing was happened in India. In India we have only clapped, lighted a candle and showered flowers on doctors and celebrated the lockdown as a great achievement.

Till now India has reported around 10000 Covid-19 deaths and 3.25 lakh Covid-19 cases, 4th highest in the world. Also, Indian Govt. has not reported thousands of deaths of Migrant Workers and the poor who may have died due to hunger, accidents, lockdown and so on.

We have achieved these numbers due to some important measures taken by Govt. of India and some state governments. These are the some of the major events for controlling this pandemic according to Government of India.

1. Clap clap clap – First Modi, Prime Minister of India has announced one day curfew on 22nd March 2020 named ‘Janata Curfew’. On this day, Modi has also announced a different response to this pandemic. PM Modi suggested that Indians should assemble at their windows or on their balconies and clap their hands, ring bells or beat on vessels to send a clamorous message of appreciation towards all the professionals – nurses, doctors, cleaners, transport workers, police personnel and others – who have been helping battle the contagion as it spread across the country. This event has led to mass gatherings in some parts of the country. And then lockdown of 21 days was announced on 24th March, which was unplanned and was announced before 10 hours. On that day Modi has said : “If we are not able to adhere to this lockdown sincerely for 21 days, believe me, India will go back 21 years.”“Several families will be destroyed. India is at a stage of the pandemic where our actions will decide our future,” he said. He has forced Migrant Workers to stay back in the same state they have been working and asked resp. state to provide food and shelter for them. But neither Centre nor State governments have data on Migrant workers. So most of them have suffered with no proper food and no proper shelter. But at this time, UP govt has brought students from Kota who are stranded. This shows the priorities and racism of the government.

Clapping event in Rajasthan on 22nd March

2. Light a Candle – On April 5th 2020, another intellection was announced by PM of India. He said “We have to take our poor bretheren towards the light and certainty. To defeat this darkness, we have to shine the light in every direction.” He said to light a diya on this day and was announced 2 days before. So people started to spread fake and superstitious messages saying diyas will kill corona virus. This showed the ignorance and incompetence of the Modi govt. Lockdown 2.0 was announced for 18 days from April 14 to May 3rd. Modi said the country is doing better with its “timely decision” and “holistic approach” in comparison to other nations. At this stage India has over 10,000 coronavirus cases and has recorded more than 300 deaths across various states. At this stage, Migrant Workers were not allowed to go to their homes ans so lakhs of them have started to walk along with their children for hundreds of miles. This made the worst ever human crisis in the world. During this walk, hundreds of them have died due to hunger, accidents, health issues and so on. No proper report was published on number of deaths by Govt. of India(GOI).

Rumours on lighting a diya

3. Showering of flowers- This is an event planned by Modi. Military has conducted this operation by showering flower petals on Covid-19 hospitals as a salute to doctors, nurses and all frontline workers of the pandemic. This took place in whole country in major cities and towns on 3rd May 2020. At this time, doctors and frontline workers are in need of PPE kits in most of the cities. But govt. had made them happy by showering flowers instead of showering PPE kits.

4. Unlock 1.0– Actually on May 4th lockdown 3.0 was announced by GOI. By this time govt. has made three zones based on no. of cases reported and relaxations were given to green and orange zones. This time Modi govt. is concerned much about economy. But at this time no stimulus package was announced for the economy to recover. But relaxation was given for wine shops in all green, orange and red zones in most of the states. Price of liquor was also increased at a min of 10% to a max of 70% by respective state governments. This clearly shows how governments are so eager to unlock. Also along with Migrant workers, thousands of tourists, students and pilgrims were also stranded in different parts of the country due to the lockdown.The home ministry allowed their movement through trains and buses with certain conditions that include consent of both sending and receiving states, maintenance of social distancing norms besides others. Even now neither centre nor state governments has made proper travel arrangements for Migrant workers. Some Migrant workers has died lack of water, food even in trains due to irresponsiblity and negligence of the government. Some state governments such as UP, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh has even suspended the labour laws and rights of Labourers. This showed the government hatred towards the poor.

5. 20 lakh crores just a number– Modi government has announced a stimulus package of 20 lakh crores in a series for 5 days (May 13,2020 to May 17,2020). This ‘Stimulus Package’ is a Gigantic Confidence Trick Played on the People of India by Modi’s Government. Because of 20 lakh crores announced, less than 2 lakh crores will be spended directly by government. All other money will be given as loans by banks. On the final day, in the name of reforms, privitization from underground resources to space was announced by Nirmala Sitaraman, This event is named as ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharath’. Finance Minister of India. But no ex gratia was announced by GOI for Migrant Workers who have been killed. This clearly shows the carelessness of this capitalistic minded government.

6. Vandhe Bharath Mission- GOI has announced evacuation of stranded Indians in foreign countries and named the event ‘Vandhe Barath Mission’. This was launched on May 7th 2020. The people who wish to comeback to India should bear their travelling costs and also should bear quarantine charges. Apart from this GOI has provided few trains for Migrant Workers and most of them have been charged for ticket though govt. claim that they haven’t been charged. This shows Modi govt’s arrogance and parsimonious towards the poor.

7. Unlock 2.0– This lockdown is only in containment zones and extended till May 31st. After May 17th most things are allowed to open.These include from industries to all types of stores in all three zones. Only interstate public transport, malls, temples, restaurants, parks, gyms, theatres have been banned. At this time, more than 30000 cases and about 800 deaths has been reported. This shows the improper planning even during unlock. No strict measures have been taken by GOI and state governments.

8. Unlock 3.0- Though govt. has named this as Unlock 1.0, actual unlock has started during Lockdown 3.0. This was announced on June 1st and will be extended till 30th June. At this stage, India has reported about 2 lakh cases and 5500 deaths.Restaurants, religious places, shopping centres and malls gingerly opened their doors this time. Also BJP started to prepare for assembly elections in some states such as Bengal and Bihar. India’s Unlock 1.0 has been a heady mix of rules, regulations and nostalgia. Often compounded by amnesia — people forgetting masks, safe distances, and that the virus is still around. This shows government inattention on lives of people.

9. Increase in Prices– During this unlock, almost all prices have been increased. Already people have been suffering with the lockdown and Covid-19, but Modi’s Govt. started looting people by increasing petrol and diesel prices which is all time high. Though crude oil prices has been decreasing since the start of the pandemic, Modi’s govt. has been looting poor man’s money. Also many daily groceries and vegetable prices have gone up. Poor people has been facing the worst ever in their lives due to failed lockdown.

10. Unemployment – Even before the lockdown, unemployment has reached high. After the lockdown, Unemployment has gone all time high but no proper measures has been taken by neither centre nor state governments. Many graduates have joined as daily wagers and daily labourers. Most of them have joined in Employment Assurance Program which is run by GOI, first introduced by UPA. This program has made them to atleast survive during this pandemic.

All these show, how effective Modi’s Government is working to save people from this pandemic. At least now, people should open their eyes and start asking the government for their inappropriate decisions.

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