Is Indian Foreign Policy a Fiasco?

17th June 2020

09:13 pm

Atleast 20 Indian Jawans have been killed in Indo-China border by China Army on 16th June 2020. Daily many Indian soldiers are being killed by Pakistan. Even Nepal has revolted against India. All these show how inferior and substandard our Foreign Policy is.

Godi Media is trying to manipulate this attack as Indian Army’s failure instead of Modi’s Government failure. This shows how Media in India has become as a slave to Modi’s Government.

Why did he remained silent for more than 24 hours? Will this be the same reaction if Pakistan have done the same thing? What is happening at LOC? As citizens of India we have right to know what is really happening there.

According to a report toll now is 23, and likely to go up. How dare this happen to our soldiers? “Even unarmed men who fled into the hillsides were hunted down and killed,” one officer said. “The dead include men who jumped into the Galwan river in a desperate effort to escape.”Government sources say at least another two dozen soldiers are battling life-threatening injuries, and over 110 have needed treatment. “The toll will likely go up,” a military officer with knowledge of the issue said. This is the present situation but PM did not say anything what exactly has happened.

Not only this after 14 months of the Pulwama attack, we still don’t know who’s been held accountable for the death of 40 CRPF personnel. We haven’t been told how 300 kilos of explosives were sourced and transported. Who leaked the route that CRPF convoy was going to take? No answers.

The media doesn’t ask these questions despite all the claims of putting ‘Nation first’. That’s because for them, ‘Nation first’ = ‘Government first’. Those who ask these questions are declared anti-national, and rest will wait for a figure of how many of ‘theirs’ could we kill.Eventually, a friendly news agency will quote ‘sources’ and put out a figure which is claimed to be the number ‘we’ killed, and this number will be diligently broadcasted by every media organisation, again without any questions asked. In case of Balakot, till date we haven’t seen a single image of the 300 dead.Over-the-top media coverage of ‘how many we killed’ will satisfy the collective blood thirst of the population, and no one will ask the question as to how did the Indian soldiers die in the first place, and what were the failures at our end. Their death won’t matter anymore.This is what being ‘nationalistic’ means these days. Being ‘nationalistic’ necessitates that you become part of a herd which never questions, and blindly accepts anything that they’re fed. If not you are treated as ‘Anti-national’.

Not only this, some people have started a campaign to boycott Chinese products and some to uninstall Chinese Apps. But does this make the real problem be solved? No, Indian products should also be available at a cheaper price and should have good quality. Even most of the Media prime time shows are sponsored by Chinese companies. And even after this campaign, GOI has done a MOU with Chinese Company. Will this be the same type of retaliation if Pakistan has done same thing?

Vivo – a leading Chinese mobile manufacturer is sponsoring a prime time news show


This is the first time after 45 years China and India had a clash in significant manner. About 43 days back, China troops had entered Galwan valley, close to Aksai Chin but Government of India (GOI) has been silent since then. This attack would not be happened if GOI has responded properly and intellectually.

Aksai Chin is part of greater Kashmir, and after the bloody war between Pakistan and India in 1947 resulted in the partition of that region, the border between China and India was left ill-defined.India claims that disputed Aksai Chin,as part of Ladakh, a remote, mountainous territory in the eastern Kashmir valley.

India recognized the so-called LOC ‘McMahon line’. But China never formally accepted it, opting instead for the ‘borders of habit’ that had existed between adjoining peoples for decades previous.


Our Govt. Foreign Policy is so lame that even Nepal has revolted against India. Recently Nepal has added some Indian territories in their new map.

Heard that some part of area which originally is of Nepal but while British ruled India they made that part of Nepal as India boundary for their own travelling needs and later when British left India, Nepal was under monarchy but he never objected with India but even after Nepal became dectrocratic country then also they never cared of that part of area but when India constructed road in that area without even consulting Nepal they felt they are being under looked by India so they revolted and this is the result and there is a speculation that China is making them do this and yes Nepal is a close friendly country to India but that doesn’t mean Indian government should do whatever they wish.


Modi Government should also think about the lives of Soldiers. According to a report, deaths of Indian soldiers at Indo-Pak border had significantly decreased from 2000-2013 and after 2014, deaths have been increasing year by year. Even deaths of common people around LOC has increased during Modi’s time. This shows Modi government foreign policy’s is a fiasco.

Even amid corona virus India is facing tensions with neighborhood countries.So Lets hope neighborhood countries will maintain friendly relationship with India. Lets also hope India will have a good foreign policy in near future so that no Indian soldier should be marytred.

Some part of this content is written by NIKHIL

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