Is Ignorance and Idiocy of people been increasing in India?

21 June 2020 02:33 pm From especially 10 years after mobiles has become a part of our life, Idiocy and stupidity of even educated people is expanding day by day especially in India. People started to believe Whatsapp forward messages more than a Scientist. People became so stupid that truth has been ignored and fake... Continue Reading →

Is Indian Foreign Policy a Fiasco?

Truth of India Exclusive Opinion 17th June 2020 09:13 pm Atleast 20 Indian Jawans have been killed in Indo-China border by China Army on 16th June 2020. Daily many Indian soldiers are being killed by Pakistan. Even Nepal has revolted against India. All these show how inferior and substandard our Foreign Policy is. Godi Media... Continue Reading →

Is Supreme Court of India under threat?

Click above for full post. I feel that Supreme Court of India is under threat due to some series of verdicts given by SC and controversies happened on the judgements of SC mostly since 2014 after Modi government has started incursion on Institutions of India. Not only SC but also many regional High Courts which are in the states of BJP/NDA led governments are being impugned since 2014.

Minorities lives matter

Click above for full post Today, in this world ideologies of majority of people became so different as you can see many democratic countries are electing monarchs or dictatorship ideologists as their representatives.

Sex education an Imperative for adolescents in India

Click above for complete article Why do parents in India don't teach about sex to their children?
Why most of the Indians do not discuss or openly speak about sex?
Why in India women having periods are untouchable and are not allowed to pray nor allow into temples?

Impending threat to villages in India in coming days

Click above for full article Now in India there are approximately 1.8 lakh covid cases which have doubled in less than 10 days. Apart this pandemic, rural India should also be ready to face locusts, an insect of grass-hopper family but can fly high and exists usually in swarms.

Suicides in India

Click above for full article Why does children suicides is most common scenario in India? But what making them hopeless and provoking to quit? Its very disturbing answer but it is the truth, family and its love is one of the main reason.

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