Minorities lives matter

07 June 2020
05:53 pm

Minority does not only mean Muslims in India. But also Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Zoroastrians in India. This word also means Blacks in USA, Hindus in Pakistan and also every country’s low populated race or religion.

Today, in this world ideologies of majority of people became so different as you can see many democratic countries are electing monarchs or dictatorship ideologists as their representatives. For eg: Kim in North Korea, Trump in USA, Jinping in China, Modi in India, Johnson in UK, Vladimir Putin in Russia and so on. This drastic change in mindset of people towards dictatoriship led minorities in danger in almost all important countries of the world. These elected representatives ask for votes not based on development of the country but based on the majorities race or religion or caste or based on majorties wishes. This makes majority of people to vote for dictators which made minorities lives in danger.

Recently, George Floyd, a black man, a minority in USA died in Minneapolis on 25 May, after a policeman knelt on his neck even as he said he could not breathe and his death has led to large number of protests named as ‘George Floyd protests’ in USA. These protests had started against growing racism and police brutality in USA. Also many people, both whites and blacks have started protests for minorities rights chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ all over the USA. Also more than 15 people had died till now in these protests. These protests had made the world to think of minorities lives and their rights.

Indians should also learn some important things from these protests. Here in India no body cares for minorities as you have seen only Muslims had protested for anti-CAA protests where as even Whites are participating in George Floyd protests. Also a similar death has been reported in India on 24th February during anti-CAA protests. A video of cops beating five bleeding youths, while asking them to sing Jana Gana Mana went viral on social media. Among those youth, who were seen lying on a street, was a muslim named Faizan from Kardampuri, who eventually passed away in a city hospital, late on 26 February. But not many knew about this incident and no one had even questioned about this incident. This clearly shows difference between Indians and Americans. Also lynching of minorities has been increasing more faster in India from last 6 years. This doesn’t mean lynching of hindus hasn’t happened but this is at much very less rate compared with lynching of minorities. But no one cares about this.

Even minorities are humans and they belong to the same country. Most of them even pay taxes. They also have same rights as you have. And in a democractic country, every person voice matters. Also you should show respect towards every religion or race and every person and also you should teach your children to respect. This makes a friendly environment between minorities and majorities which makes your country safe for every person.

In a true democracy, minorities voice and lives matter more than others. But today world is going backwards towards supremacy and dictatorship which will be harmful not only for minorities but all others. So atleast now wake up and start questioning.

Minorities Lives Matter”

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