India’s backlash to Covid-19

16 June 202001:11 pm India has been standing out of the box since Covid-19 first entered the country. Instead of imposing lockdown after the first Covid case, India has imposed lockdown after hundreds of cases. Actually lockdown was announced in all countries to isolate and trace COVID-19 patients. Also hospitals should be increased and ventilators... Continue Reading →

Is Supreme Court of India under threat?

Click above for full post. I feel that Supreme Court of India is under threat due to some series of verdicts given by SC and controversies happened on the judgements of SC mostly since 2014 after Modi government has started incursion on Institutions of India. Not only SC but also many regional High Courts which are in the states of BJP/NDA led governments are being impugned since 2014.

20 lakh crores just a number

Click above for full article Recently, Nirmala Sitharaman,Union Finance Minister has revealed huge stimulus package of 20 Lakh Crores for the revival of lockdown-hit India Economy that too in a series of 5 phases on 5 days.

2020- Year of disasters

Click above for full article It all started with a virus originated from china named corona (SARS-COV-2) slowly engulfing all over the world. The first case in India was noted in Kerala, the ministry of health and family affairs stated that the patient is a student at Wuhan university in china.

Lockdown-the failure story

Click above for full article.. Indian govt has announced first lockdown on March 25,2020. This was an unplanned one and this led to one of the worst human tragedies in the world that is "The Great Indian Migrant Workers Tragedy".

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