Lockdown-the failure story

Indian govt has announced first lockdown on March 25,2020. This was an unplanned one and this led to one of the worst human tragedies in the world that is “The Great Indian Migrant Workers Tragedy”. Actually anything unplanned leads to disasters as Indians had already faced demonitisation 2 years back. And now, world is only facing Covid-19 pandemic but India is facing both Covid-19 and migrant workers tragedy in the worst possible way.

Actually the “Great Indian Migrant Workers Tragedy” is made by both Indian govt. and State govt’s. But according to Constitutional of India, Interstate Migration is with Centre. So Indian govt. should take responsibility for this tragedy.

This issue may have dealed in a proper way by either announcing lockdown before atleast 10 days before or even they should have given permission for their travel in the lockdown 1.0 itself. Some may argue that planned lockdown will not work in India. But if it had planned in a proper way, it would not be a failure. And govt. have given permission for migrant labourers during lockdown 3.0 i.e after 40 days of lockdown and Covid-19 cases had reached 50000 at this point of time. At lockdown 1.0 cases were not more than 100.

The migrant labourers have been suffering with no proper food and no proper transport facilities. So some have started walking along with their kids to reach their homes which are more than thousand miles. Some poor labourers are going on bicycles and two wheelers. But several hundreds of them have died on roads due to hunger,long walk and accidents.

But no government i.e central or state will give correct numbers of the total migrant labourers died during this lockdown. No government care poor people as their voices are already low and also they cannot cat their vote in other states. Hope all migrant workers will reach their homes happily without any problems.

We the people of India are very sorry for making migrant workers suffer and die and also we are sorry for electing govt.’s that even don’t treat you as human beings. WE ARE EXTREMELY SORRY.

So don’t forget to discuss and plan when you are taking crutial decisions because it may not only effect you but also crores of people.

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  1. yes ,your words are truly.every indian say to sorry migrated people.it is great man made disaster in indian history.govt must provide full economic support to these people and create work opportunities.


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