A dive into lockdown problems- based on analysing real people

Click above for full article The cause to nationwide lockdown in India, nearly restricting 1.3 billion people in their homes to contain the covid-19 virus is for the welfare of the people of its nation. However there is a downtrodden effects to the people in India, here pointing out some stories that I observed which shows how poor are our government decisions. Now to elaborate there are 3 different people one is a labourer who works for straight 12 hour/day in a small factory the other is a govt. Employee and the other who runs a business of jewellery store.

Lockdown-the failure story

Click above for full article.. Indian govt has announced first lockdown on March 25,2020. This was an unplanned one and this led to one of the worst human tragedies in the world that is "The Great Indian Migrant Workers Tragedy".

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