A dive into lockdown problems- based on analysing real people

23 May 2020
08:24 AM

The cause to nationwide lockdown in India, nearly restricting 1.3 billion people in their homes to contain the covid-19 virus is for the welfare of the people of its nation. However there is a downtrodden effects to the people in India, here pointing out some stories that I observed which shows how poor are our government decisions. Now to elaborate there are 3 different people one is a labourer who works for straight 12 hour/day in a small factory the other is a govt. Employee and the other who runs a business of jewellery store.

The labour and his family before the lockdown used to eat two times a day from which he earned on daily basis and drinks regularly to forget his body pains, this was the routine for him and his family.
The govt. Employee who works for about 8-10 hours has a prosperous life with the amount of money he earns.
The business person who sits and tallies the money that he receives from the store which is maintained by a few store workers. Out of above this person leads a luxurious life.

As the lockdown started the life of the labour and his family has been turned upside down as he lost his livelihood cause the factory been shutdown temporarily. As days passed the labour took money for interest from factory employees that he worked with and had meal twice a day which lasted only for few days which result in outage of money. However they managed to have meal once a day for a week by selling few items they possessed. Even then the problems of the poor family never escaped as the lockdown extended for few more day, he had then known that some NGOs are giving free food so he and his family got to eat once a day. Though the state government of Telangana has facility of giving rice 12kg per person and Rs 1500 for a family, as the person and his family are migrated from other place within the state a month before the lockdown which does not allow them to enjoy these facilities.

The govt. employee also suffered with few problems as their government decided to cut the salaries of the employees during lockdown. But since he has few savings left in his bank, also half the salary to backup he had a proper food. Even then he was sad to give up his little pleasure, need and his half salary. This person would rather donate some money to God instead giving some food to the poor who are starving of hunger.

The business person with a jewellery store is much worried about his business as he had to go through a dip in revenue during the lockdown. Though he has lakhs of rupees in his savings,he rather donates huge amounts of money to God for his blessings and success in revenue, but does not donate a penny to the people who are in hunger.

Having money in bank and praying to god is not important in life. What is important is to help others in need. The illustration of the above characters are true for what i observed. God is a belief he who creates peace, money is just a paper of work we created to survive not to drown in it. Lets try and make this world a better place to every person atleast for who are dying due to starvation of hunger.

Partially edited by- Nikhil

Content by- balu

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