2020- Year of disasters

It all started with a virus originated from china named corona (SARS-COV-2) slowly engulfing all over the world. The first case in India was noted in Kerala, the ministry of health and family affairs stated that the patient is a student at Wuhan university in china. To prevent the COVID-19 pandemic in India the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA has initiated a nationwide lockdown for 21 days under the prime minister Narendra Modi from 24 march 2020 after a voluntary 14-hour public curfew. The irregular planning of lockdown by the government which is greatly suffered by migrant workers. Lockdown may have minimized the reach of virus across but the suffering of the poor was in large. As of now 21 may 2020 the active cases-63624, cured-45299, deaths-3435.

However the nature did not stop, on 7th may 2020 the gas leak at the LG polymers unit at RR Venkatapuram between 2:30am and 3:00am quickly spread over a radius of 3 to 5 km, which took 11 people including two minors killed and hundreds of others fell sick by the styrene vapours leaked from a chemical plant.
The recent disaster is with the name cyclone Amphan which hit the Kolkata and parts of Bengal and Odisha. As of now in the west Bengal 72 people have died due to cyclone Amphan, and many causalities are yet to be reported, the areas effected with cyclone has a challenge in communication and electricity. Nearly 45 lakh people in Odisha are effected by the cyclone.

The outbreak of covid-19 a major threat to the world with no cure created a fear among the public for the future, the fear of slow down in the economy of the many major countries, and the crash in stock markets, many multinational companies suffering loss which resulted in the people loosing jobs, although there are many problems with many people suffering there are some people reaching out and helping in need. Even in the darkness their is a tiny light which shines bright and thus is the human nature many disasters come and go but the hope to shine bright will ever last.

Article by – Nikhil

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