Yes.. Have you ever imagined that you can buy India?? Of course- Yes but it may not be all at once. You have to buy each sector i.e from underground mining to space. You can buy anything you want.

This is the new India. Recently the Finance Minister of India announced that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI’s) are introduced in various sectors such as Underground Mining, Defense, Air India, Space Research and so on.

At the same PM of India has said “Vocal for Local”. This means people should buy all products or things that are produced and brands originated in India.

These two policies of Modi Govt. are strange. They mean to buy Indian originated products and sell some part of the same product to Foreign Investors and again should buy from them with different brand name at a higher price.

This will exactly happen if privatization happen in crucial sectors such as coal, space. How can Indian Economy be revived if most profitable sectors for Govt. and most service orientated sectors are privitized?

‘The Great Indian Economic Policy’ is a disasterous policy

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